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Understanding GOTS-certified cotton in baby wear

by Lieke Fidom 27 Sep 2023

Navigating the baby clothing landscape can feel daunting with countless brands and materials vying for attention. Amidst all these choices, there's GOTS-certified cotton. If you're unfamiliar, it's worth noting that this certification indicates a product's genuine commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. It could become a game-changer in how you shop for your little one.

WHAT IS GOTS-CERTIFICATION? GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, is a recognized certification that covers the entire textile production process. From the first material harvest to its final packaging, every step is held to rigorous standards.

Opting for GOTS-certified cotton ensures:

  • The cotton's growth without harmful chemicals.
  • Its benefit for the environment and those cultivating it.
  • A production process that upholds both ecological and labor standards.

WHY CHOOSE GOTS-CERTIFIED COTTON? Your buying decisions have power. And choosing GOTS-certified cotton amplifies several benefits:

  1. Safe for Your Baby: This organic cotton is both softer and hypoallergenic — ideal for delicate skin.
  2. Eco-conscious: Its cultivation avoids damaging chemicals, promoting healthier soil, air, and water.
  3. Ethical Production: Ensuring that those in the production chain experience fair work conditions.
  4. Lasting Quality: Products made from this material tend to endure, offering genuine value.




Despite its clear advantages, organic cotton is still a small slice of the market. While we're proud of our role in this sector, our aspiration is broader acceptance. Buying GOTS-certified is a simple step you can take if you're looking to make more conscious choices.

Explore our GOTS-Certified Cotton collection and and promote sustainability through your decisions.

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