Wear, Tear, Repair. 
Kids are always up to something, aren't they? While that's great for them, their clothes can take a hit. Don't throw those items away just yet; think about repairing them first. 
Repair Your Item
Why Repair?
Repairing may seem old-school, but it's incredibly relevant today. Let's dive into the reasons.
Valuing what's precious: If you've got an item that needs repairing, it's often more affordable to fix it than to buy a new one. Of course, with inexpensive baby clothes, this might not always hold true. Regardless, each piece has a sentimental and sustainable value worth keeping. And if the cost-to-benefit doesn't quite add up for you, our Give Back Program offers a solution. Get 20% Give Back Credits when you send it back to us for evaluation and possible repair, upcycling, or recycling. Learn more about our Give Back Program here.
Moving Towards Circularity: Our planet isn't equipped with unlimited resources. Repairing means less waste and a step towards a more circular economy, where we value and reuse what we've got instead of always buying new.
Supporting Communities: Choosing to repair is also about backing a bigger cause. With our friends at United Repair Centre, your repair helps in more ways than one. They're not just repairing experts; they train and provide crucial job opportunities for those who might face challenges in the conventional job market, including newcomers and young adults. 
Hand-Me-Down-Ready: Quality kidswear shouldn't stop at one kid. Repairs ensure that these durable items are ready for siblings, cousins, or friends, contributing to a cycle of shared value. 
Leaving Things Better: Every time we repair, it's one less thing in the trash. It's just a simple way to do a little good for our kids' future world.
How it works
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Place Your Order: Complete your rental order and await its arrival.
Enjoy: Let them play, grow, and explore. Keep the rentals for as long as you need.
Swap & Renew: Return worn items and update with fresh picks or the next size.
So go ahead and make that repair; in doing so, you're not just saving an item but also playing a vital role in the bigger picture of sustainability.