How we source and use materials matters to us. This is why we want a transparent supply chain, reliable partners and meaningful impact. Materials play a crucial role in product development and have a big impact on the sustainability and quality of the final item. Our first collection features certified organic cotton, but our vision reaches further. Looking forward, we want to use upcycled and recycled materials, giving each item a past and a purpose. We’re also exploring investing in regenerative organic cotton, a soil-nourishing approach employing minimal to no tilling and effective composting.
We aim to close the loop. Kids grow quickly, and that can lead to a lot of waste. That's why, instead of the usual “take-make-waste” system, we've adopted a circular approach. We look for processes and partners that regenerate water, energy and chemicals in manufacturing. Our clothes are designed to be reused, repurposed, or recycled, extending their life beyond just one child. Whether you've bought our items, got them through subscription, or picked them up second-hand, you can send them back when your kid outgrows them. We'll either refresh or repair the returned items for another child to wear, or recycle and upcycle them into new products. This way, we reduce waste, encourage responsible consumption, and aim for a world where resources are used wisely. We know we're far from perfect and there's a lot more to do, but we're ambitious and committed to making a meaningful impact in the realm of circularity.
We dream big. We are on a mission to become a brand that matters. Not just in the marketplace but in the broader context of our planet’s health. We strive to grow so robustly that we become a force for good, inspiring families everywhere to embrace sustainable living. We’re bold, we’re passionate, and we won’t stop until conscious choices become the norm.
Doing good isn't just something we say—it's what we live by. We understand that words are cheap if not backed by action. That's why we're out there every day, turning our ideas into deeds. This isn’t about good intentions. It’s about rolling up our sleeves and making a measurable impact. Parents have a pivotal role in shaping the future, and by arming them with the right knowledge and tools, we aim to create a ripple effect of conscious choices. Let’s walk this hand in hand.
We’re not ones to just follow the crowd; we challenge the status quo, ground our decisions in science, and never shy away from confronting the hard truths. We’re transparent in our actions, enthusiastic to share insights without coming off preachy. Embracing innovation while holding tight to our responsibility; everything we do is aimed at creating a healthier planet and happier people.
Kids laugh, play, and brighten up our world. We’re here to add to that joy. Sure, we face challenges along the way, but seeing families happy with what we offer is our motivation. We believe in spreading smiles, learning as we go, and infusing everything with fun. Your joy, and your kid’s, is our ultimate reward. We’re serious about helping the planet, but we ensure there’s always room for fun. After all, life’s all about those shared moments of laughter.
Our values
Adult fashion is slowly shifting towards sustainability, but not as swiftly as we'd like. When it comes to baby and kids clothes, the change is even slower. A significant concern given that kids' clothes are the ultimate fast fashion. Think about it: kids go through 11 sizes in only 4 years! We’re here to change that. We aim to rewrite that story. Circularity is at our core, and we're not here to be just another name in the children’s fashion landscape. Our first collection of certified organic cotton clothes is just a start. Our true ambition? Making kids wear from upcycled and recycled materials, giving every piece a past and a purpose. We're committed to transparency about our operations. We'll show you where our products come from and how they’re made. We’ll regularly update you on our journey, highlighting both our achievements and the challenges we face. Our goal is to build relationships with like-minded brands and individuals, learning together, and intensifying our collective sustainable impact. From hosting repair and upcycling workshops, to backing progressive agriculture practices, we’re not merely making clothes; we’re building a greener future. And we’d love for you to join us!
We understand that life with kids keeps you on your toes. Amid all the daily surprises, baby and kids clothes care might not be top of mind. But with just a few simple habits, we can make those garments last longer. This way, not only do we support a sustainable future, but we also ensure that more families get to enjoy and reuse each piece.
Sometimes, airing out is all a garment needs. Overnight, it can be ready for another round of fun. This eco-friendly approach is a friend to your fabric, your time, and our planet.
For laundry, a 30°C wash often does the job, especially with our organic cotton. Check the care label, but know that cooler temperatures are a win for your clothes and the environment.
Choose eco-friendly detergents - they're kinder for your kid's skin and our planet. And remember, too much detergent doesn't mean cleaner clothes.
A milder spinning speed keeps the cotton fibers in shape, ensuring each garment stays soft and fitting, time and again.
Although tempting, skip the dryer. Instead, spread them out after washing to avoid wrinkles. If needed, a shake or stretch can get them back in form.
We understand that every minute is valuable for parents. Having clothes neatly stored extends their life and makes dressing up faster.
Most baby outfits, like onesies, are happiest folded. For jackets and structured garments, hanging is best. And always lay knitwear flat to maintain its shape and feel.
Your kid's garments are memories. Nature's great, but insects on their clothes? Not so much. Ensure your garments are thoroughly dry and clean before putting them away. And a tip for knitwear: storing them with cedar wood not only keeps away moths but also gives your clothes a refreshing smell.
Wear and tear happens, especially with active little kids. If you're unsure how to repair it, send it our way. We're here to help get those garments back to their best.
Breathe new life into older clothes with creative DIY upcycling. If DIY isn't your style or you're unsure how to repurpose it, send it back to us via our Give Back program. We'll upcycle it and, in return, we thank you for your conscious choice with 20% Give Back Credits.
Extend the life of every item by reusing, recycling, or passing down to younger siblings or friends. If you're ready to part with an item, send it to us via our Give Back program. We'll ensure it gets a new life, and in turn, you're actively driving our vision of a circular economy.
How are items like our organic cotton leggings, long sleeves, onesuits, sweatshirts, and sweatpants brought to life? Have you thought about where the cotton comes from? What's the journey from seed to fabric? And how do cotton farmers contribute to this process? Let's explore the story behind our products.
Explore our product story
Why do we do what we do?
Why do we pour our energy into creating circular kids wear? How did our paths steer us towards sustainable and ethical clothing, and why is the circular philosophy so central to our work? Our story is simple yet deeply intertwined with every item we design. We invite you to learn about our journey, our struggles, and the love we stitch into each garment on our "About Us" page. Join us, not just as customers, but as part of a community that cares.
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