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The impact of fast fashion and how YoungYarn chooses to make a difference

by Murat Ozkan 28 Sep 2023
Fashion Landfill Chile

[Martin Bernetti/AFP]

Take a look into the fashion industry, and you'll find a troubling reality: fast fashion. Fashion chains produce excessive amounts of kids wear each year to keep up with consumer demand. This leads to overproduction, which harms our planet and its inhabitants. The production process often takes place in terrible conditions and utilizes cheap materials, resulting in pollution. But there is another way, and at YoungYarn, we aim to prove that.

Fast fashion chains create too much kids wear, which ends up in landfills. This harms our environment and the people living in it. The drive for cheap, trendy clothes comes at a hidden cost.

We reject the fast fashion mentality and embraces circular wear. We focus on creating sustainable and timeless collections that respect the planet and its inhabitants. We take pride in our ethical and eco-friendly approach, and we hope to inspire others to follow suit.

We are not alone - and not the first - in this fight for a better world. Brands like Kuyichi, Mud Jeans, Kings of Indigo, Zazi Vintage, and O My Bag Amsterdam are excellent examples of Dutch companies that have joined the slow fashion movement. Each of them contributes in their own way to a fairer and more sustainable fashion industry.

Instead of constantly releasing new collections, we carefully design items meant to last. Our garments are made from 100% organic cotton, which is soft on your child's skin and gentle to the planet.

We don't work alone. We collaborate with ethical partners in Turkey who create our products with love and care. Through our strong relationships with suppliers, we know precisely where and how our kids wear is made. 

Mom and Baby in Green Garden

We believe that companies play a vital role in creating a more sustainable world. At YoungYarn, we take our responsibility seriously. We aim to make positive changes, both within the clothing industry and beyond.

With our sustainable and ethical practices, we hope to lead by example, inspiring other companies and consumers to make better choices. We can make a difference —for ourselves and for future generations.

Will you join us? Together, we can break the cycle of fast fashion and create a more sustainable and fairer fashion industry.

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