Undyed Organic Cotton Long Sleeve - Olives

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Sprinkle some fun into your kid's wardrobe with our Long Sleeve with Olives Print. Made from the purest and softest undyed organic cotton, this is a conscious choice for your kid. This item has a fun olives print and is part of our ‘Turkish Delight’ collection, featuring delicious Turkish fruits and vegetables. With every purchase, you join us in celebrating our Turkish partners who help bring our circular vision to life. You can pair the longsleeve with the matching leggings for a complete look, wear it under a cardigan, or layer it under a knit sweater. It’s a unisex and timeless design. 

Buying this shirt new or second-hand supports sustainability. Getting a second-hand one means it gets used more, which is better for our planet. Buying a new one shows support for making clothes the right way. And when you give it back through our program, it helps cut down waste and lets more families make sustainable choices for their kids.

Use environmentally friendly detergent

Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees

Do not tumble dry

Designed in the Netherlands

Produced in Izmir, Turkey

Manufacturer: Parkotex Organic Textiles

Your purchase supports our sustainable partner

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Earn 20% Give Back Credits by returning your purchased items to us. This way they can be passed on to future families and we prevent them from ending up in the landfill. There is no time limit!

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