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Type Knitted Organic Cotton Items
Given Names Ollie
Date Of Birth 01-10-23
Place Of Birth Izmir
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100% Organic Cotton: soft, breathable, perfect for sensitive skin. GOTS-certified, kinder to your kid and our planet.
Choose kids wear that aligns with your values. Make a positive impact by supporting our commitment to ethical and transparent production.
We prioritize the well-being of kids by keeping our circular wear free from nasty, toxic chemicals and pesticides.
Driven by a Circular By Design philosophy, we make thoughtful decisions at every stage of the value cycle. We still have a lot to learn and improve, but our core promise stands firm: design circular kids wear with renewable, safe and/or recycled materials, made with optimal use of resources, made to be made again.
Rent over buy to support our planet, ensure a perfect fit as your kid grows, save money, and declutter your space.
Design is where we lay the groundwork for a circular approach. Together with our partners in our supply chain, we focus on using organic materials and making designs that are not just cute but also durable, repairable, and recyclable. With this design-first strategy, we aim to tackle waste and pollution at their root, striving for a better future for our kids.
Our organic cotton is sourced from the Aydin region in Turkey, specifically from the town of Söke. This Aegean organic cotton is known for its exceptional quality. Dedicated farmers, Adem Bilir and Ali Bilir, look after our precious crops. While Adem oversees the majority of our products, the cotton used for our knitwear, such as knit sweaters, beanies, and cardigans, is diligently cultivated by Ali Bilir. Both farmers ensure every cotton boll grows following strict organic farming guidelines, ensuring no synthetic chemicals touch them. A study by the Textile Exchange in 2021 showed that such mindful farming emits 18% fewer greenhouse gases than conventional methods. Natural fertilizers like compost and manure are their primary solutions for enriching the soil. They also practice yearly crop rotation, which not only keeps unwanted pests away but also revitalizes the land. This thoughtful approach to cultivation ensures our fabrics are not just soft and durable but also kind to our planet.
From the moment the cotton seeds are planted, it takes about 5-6 months for the plants to grow, reaching heights of around 1.2 metres. A few weeks after the seeds are sown, flower bulbs appear and later bloom. After pollination, these flowers give way to seed pods that mature into fluffy cotton bolls. As mid-August through November approaches, our organic cotton is ready for harvest, with the timing depending on that year's weather conditions. Unlike conventional methods, our harvest avoids chemical defoliants, ensuring our cotton stays organic.
After the cotton harvest, it's transported to the specialized facilities of SÖKE TARİŞ PAMUK KOOPERATİFİ, located in the same town of Söke, within the Aydin region. Here, it's dried and cleaned on machines specifically reserved for organic cotton to avoid any contamination. The cotton is then put through gin stands, where the fibers are separated from the seeds. Finally, the cleaned and separated cotton is packed into bales and readied for the textile mills.
Next stop: Gökhan Tekstil in Denizli, where the cotton fibers are spun into robust yarns. This facility has dedicated equipment specifically for processing organic cotton, ensuring there's no contamination with conventional cotton. Through a precise spinning process, our cotton fibers are transformed into consistent, high-quality yarn.
At Gökhan Tekstil in Denizli, the dyeing process takes place as well. We use dyes that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard, ensuring the cotton is free from harmful chemicals. This method maintains the quality of our colors while taking the environment into account.

Our journey continues at Büşra Triko Tekstil LTD, a family-owned business with 20 artisans located in Izmir. Büşra Triko is our knitwear supplier for our knits and knitted accessories. It was founded in 1996 and some of their workers have been working there since the first day. There is a big focus on craftsmanship and passing down invaluable knowledge to new generations. Our knits by Büşra Triko products are certified by GOTS, ISO 9001, and OEKO-TEX 100, and made in their eco-friendly factory. Their ultimate goal is to produce clothes without leaving any negative footprint. Therefore they’ve invested in solar panels that cover every inch of their roof, generating up to 80% of the energy needed for production. Büşra's knowledge and connections in the textile world have helped us greatly. They've offered advice and used their relationships with other suppliers to make our production process smoother. This collaboration has helped us create products that truly represent what our brand stands for.

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We use certified organic cotton for our kidswear essentials: no chemicals, good for their skin and the earth. Our collection has knitwear, sweaters, leggings, onesies, long sleeves, and beanies. Everything is made to last, with a focus on reducing environmental impact.
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